The Many Ways You Can Make A Difference!

This is your community! Here are some simple ways you can help the important mission of our Society…


Tell Others

One thing that is extremely important to us right now is word of mouth!  Please tell any friends, family, coworkers, or classmates who might be interested about us.  Do you use Facebook or Twitter? If so, then one of the most powerful things you can do is share our Facebook page, or interesting posts on our page with your friends and on your wall, or Tweet about us. Are you a blogger or writer? Reporting on us would also be greatly helpful. These are things that don’t take much time and cost no money, but yet make a big impact on the ability of the SNS to fulfill it’s mission.



While it is possible to become a member of the Society and get extra benefits, we care about making a positive impact on the world, and that means we offer a lot of useful and interesting content to the public, to help raise awareness of spiritual naturalist concepts and practices. One of the main ways we do this is through our blog! You can easily subscribe to our blog by clicking here.


Become A Supporting Member

The Spiritual Naturalist Society is more than merely a website or blog. We are an incorporated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to acting as an institution to help further spiritual naturalism and bring together spiritual naturalists and related organizations to push the movement forward in the future. This means providing resources, supporting new projects, and reaching out – and that requires funding. We cannot subsist on ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ alone, which is why your financial support is one of the most important ways to help. You can become a member of the Society for a very modest monthly tax-deductible donation, receiving the benefits and joining our community. To learn more or to join, click hereNote: if you prefer, we also accept individual donations of any amount you choose, from members or non-members. For those who cannot afford to donate, we also offer a free membership, which includes the newsletter but does not include the other benefits.


Become A Part of Our Think Tank

One of the areas members have access to are our member forums. These include discussion on areas such as: Arts & Music, Philosophy/Wisdom, Practices & Ritual, and Organizational matters. These forums are meant to act as a think tank – where people from different backgrounds share their ideas and perspectives, and new thought is developed in spiritual naturalist philosophy and practice. Members can help the Society and its mission by participating actively in that cauldron, which will help to shape the future of spiritual naturalism.


Gear Up

The SNS Store is not just a way to make a little extra revenue for the organization. Certainly, that can be a helpful part of fulfilling our mission. But the items in our shop are designed specifically to help give more exposure to the Society as well as to the ideals and values we exist to promote. Whether you are a member or a non-member, items with the Society’s name or enlightening quotes about Spiritual Naturalism provide an opportunity to start a conversation or expose new people to concepts that could improve their lives.


Get your local group listed or signed on as a chapter

We are always looking for more like-minded local groups to add to our listing (Local Groups list here). If you are a leader or members of a local group that shares our interest in naturalistic forms of spirituality, you can help get them listed, and perhaps even help the group become a local chapter of the Society. To begin, simply contact us to let us know and we can start a dialogue!


Become A Contributing Writer

Are you a writer or blogger on topics that would be of interest to spiritual naturalists? Apply to become a contributing writer by reading our writer’s guide and contacting us with links to your work! Our volunteer writers not only provide content for our blogs as a service to the public, but they can also help to contribute to the exclusive materials and resources available to members. You can apply by contacting us.


Other Ways? Be Creative!

There may be even more creative ways to become a part of what we’re doing at the Society. We need volunteers in the Arts Committee, Education Committee, Outreach Committee, Fellowship Committee, and elsewhere. Think about your profession, skills, experiences, connections, and anything else you can bring to the table!