Local Group Center


This section of our website is dedicated to helping support local groups of Spiritual and Religious Naturalists and help bring them together in their area…

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There are many kinds of groups we support. These include:

  • Existing local groups from any tradition who have members interested in naturalistic contemplative ideas and practices.
  • Independent local groups of Spiritual Naturalists and Religious Naturalists – existing and new
  • Clubs, committees, and sub-groups within larger more general congregations or organizations focused on naturalistic contemplative practice
  • Official chapters of the Society
  • Individuals seeking to start new groups in their area


How does the Society support local groups?

The Spiritual Naturalist Society supports local groups by:

  • Providing materials and resources local groups can use in their events, to inform their talks, give ideas for topics, and build meaningful rituals and other activities
  • Giving advice on starting, building, and running Spiritual Naturalist groups
  • Helping local groups find new members in their area by listing them in its listings
  • Providing a forum for local group leaders to network with one another to share experiences, materials, and advice
  • For groups that choose to become official Society chapters, providing material support for outreach and other costs


Local Chapter Resources

Session notes, materials, and other contributions to all Society members from local chapters:

Session 1 notes: Complexity, Houston chapter (Word doc download)
Session 2 notes: Heraclitus, Houston chapter (Word doc download)
Session 3 notes: Chuang-Tzu, Houston chapter (Word doc download)
Session 4 notes: Stoic Physics, Houston chapter (Word doc download)
Session 5 notes: Buddhist Physics, Houston chapter (Word doc download)
Session 6 notes: Stoicism, Taoism, Buddhism, and Nature, Houston chapter (Word doc download)
The Good, Evil, Virtuous, and Vicious, Houston chapter (PDF download)