Traditions of SN

Spiritual Naturalism is a broad category of concepts and practices. Naturalistic forms of spirituality can be found emerging within nearly all religious, spiritual, and philosophical traditions. The Spiritual Naturalist Society is here to help those who find their way into these movements to come together and learn from one another, across these traditional boundaries. Here are just a few examples of some of the more active and emerging Spiritual Naturalist communities. In fact, many of us include a variety of influences in our own personal practice, without the need to adhere to any one set of ideas…

Secular Buddhism
Many naturalists find great wisdom and efficacy in the teachings and mindfulness practices of Buddhism.

Naturalistic Paganism
There are many traditions even within Paganism. Naturalistic Pagans find the experiential rituals and inspirational imagery of Pagan tradition to be helpful in their practice.


Epicurean philosophy based on the study of nature that offers a path to a life of pleasures, friendship, and wisdom. Choices and avoidances are carried out by a process known as “hedonic calculus”, and a monthly feast of friendship and philosophy (“Eikas”), together with the practice of meleta (studying together and by oneself) create a sense of community.

Ancient Stoicism is making a comeback in many emerging communities. Not all Stoics consider themselves naturalists, but many naturalists find the teachings and practices of Stoicism highly compatible and powerful.

Modern Humanism (both ‘secular’ and ‘religious’) is fully naturalistic. Those Humanists interested in applying naturalistic forms of traditional contemplative practices and learning about their effects can be found among our members.

Science & Spirituality
Popularizing scientists and authors like Carl Sagan have communicated well how spiritually fulfilling and awe-inspiring science can be in our lives.

Humanistic Judaism
Jewish tradition is followed in forms that do not require supernatural interpretations. Humanistic Judaism has long been one of the traditions at the forefront of naturalistic spiritual practice.

Some forms of pantheism see the world as sacred while framing this in ways compatible with modern naturalism. Pantheists have a robust tradition of including naturalists.

Christian Naturalism
This is one of the newest and emerging groups, but naturalists who practice within the Christian cultural tradition are growing in number.

Emerging Spiritual Naturalism and Religious Naturalism
As all of these religions, practices, and philosophies see naturalists growing within their communities, there is also an emerging Spiritual and Religious Naturalism taking on an identity of its own. Some of us refer to ourselves simply by these terms and seek to find ways of incorporating the best, most reasonable, and most useful concepts and practices for living well and acting positively in the world. SNS does not exist to replace any tradition or attempt to merge them, but to serve naturalistic movements within existing traditions, giving them forums to communicate while respecting their boundaries. At the same time, SNS also serves those who wish to pursue an eclectic path. The rest of the SNS site and organization represent this overall movement.


If you would like to learn more about these, please see their dedicated pages and reach out to the curators, who are here to help. If there are other traditions you would like to see represented or learn more about, please contact us!