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Part of the mission of the Society is to foster community between members. The Society hosts many different forums for interacting with fellow Spiritual Naturalists, wherever they may be found. For weekly and monthly events held over Zoom, visit our events page.


1) SNS Members Email List: This is our email group list for SNS members to fellowship and converse with one another, get announcements, and get the video chat invite link to our Monthly Gathering (see below). It is for members only, but when you join the Society you should get an invite.

2) Article Comments: Please feel free to leave comments on our articles and podcast episodes on their respective pages! We would love to hear from you and see members sharing their perspectives.

3) SNS Facebook Page: By liking our page, you will join with tens of thousands of fellow Spiritual Naturalists. You will also see our posts and shared information there.

4) SNS Facebook Group: Our official FB Group, “Spiritual Naturalist Friends”, is where you can talk with other members from anywhere!

5) SNS on Reddit: Discuss Spiritual Naturalism with your friends on Reddit. Most of our new publications are accompanied by posts there. By telling others on Reddit about our page, you are also helping to raise awareness of Spiritual Naturalism.

6) Follow & interact on Twitter: Our Twitter page is for brief alerts and notices about the latest, as well as messages from a Spiritual Naturalist perspective. Feel free to retweet and respond.

7) SNS Channel on YouTube: Our podcast archive is hosted here, along with other occasional videos. Your comments are welcome!

8) SNS Hubs: The Society has created what we call ‘hubs’ to help foster rising face-to-face communities in local areas. There may or may not not be active groups in these local areas yet, but by creating both a Facebook group and an Email Group for different high population areas ahead of time, this gives you the tools to reach out to other Spiritual Naturalists to arrange new gatherings.

Thanks for your interest in Spiritual Naturalist community – we hope to hear from you soon!

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