The Spiritual Naturalist Society works to build SN communities and help foster and promote helpful and happy interactions among Spiritual Naturalists from all traditions. Some of these include asynchronous interactions (those which participants post in their own time, like our Facebook group, Reddit page, etc) – and then we have events, which are our synchronous interactions (those which participants interact simultaneously, such as online video chats, face-to-face meetups, live chats, etc). The following are our upcoming events and how you can join us!

Please note, a first step in most of these is signing up as a member of the Spiritual Naturalist Society, which you can do quick and easily HERE.



First Monday of the month at 7 pm Central

SNS MAIN MEMBER GATHERING: This is our regular meeting for ALL SNS members! We will fellowship, socialize with other Spiritual Naturalists, discuss what’s going on in the organization, plan for the future, and get your input. To attend you must be a member and on the SNS Member Email List. If you have not received your invite to this list, please let us know.

First Sunday of the month at 3 pm Central

SNS Practice Support Group: On the first Sunday of each month, this group meets via video chat for meditation, Spiritual Naturalist discourse, and supporting one another in our practice. Please see this page for more info and how to join the group!

Second Monday of the month at 8 pm Central

SNS Meditation Guidance Group: On the second Monday of each month, our meditation teacher hosts a video chat session with instruction on various forms of secular meditation. Participate, ask questions, and share your experiences. Please see this page for more info and how to join the group!