The following are some comments our visitors, guests, and members have made that touched or inspired us. We love hearing from you! If you would like to share your story or thoughts about spiritual naturalism or related topics, please feel free to contact us!

“I think I have finally found an organization with a philosophy that comes closest to how I view the world and how I wish to live my life.”

–Gale Iannone

“I just joined SNS as a member. As a spiritual naturalist, it’s great to have a place where I can explore all of my interests. I’ve been known to explore naturalistic interpretations of progressive Christianity, neopaganism, Buddhism, and even Mormonism.”

–Dave Salyers

“Spiritual naturalism is the perfect concise description for what I feel on a clear winter night, standing on my porch and looking up at a dark sky filled with stars. It’s an overwhelming feeling that almost defies a description at all in mere words…it is, to me, a sacred connection with all that is, has been, and will be.”

–Sharon Wells

“I became a supporting member because I believe that unconditional spirituality is found in a Naturalist approach. I also believe that the motto (“happiness through reason and compassion”) is the best way to maximize happiness.”

–Brooks Park

“Spiritual Naturalism is a broad tent that has a lot to offer. When my belief in the supernatural died, I was thrilled to find ancient philosophies, scriptures, and spiritual paths that were natural, rational, inspiring and life affirming. Ultimately, my faith didn’t die – it evolved into something that sustains and keeps me grounded… The creative energy of Life is a sacred and beautiful mystery that connects us all.”

–Mark Heisler

“I went to my very first meditation ever two nights ago… Since I de-converted from my Christian Faith in 2011 this was the first time I’ve had any real spiritual experience in a group setting… tears just flowed down my face. I was finally re-connecting with what resonates within me, a deep sense of connection. Its been so long! I am very thankful to SNS for encouraging us to get involved in such practices…”

–Michelle LeBlanc

“Raised in the south in a mainstream Protestant church, I was taught one truth. As I grew I questioned many things… [Now] I accept whatever background, culture, or faith system I encounter and take from them what is true and meaningful to me… I’m glad to have found this Spiritual Naturalist Society…”

–Martha Perez

Spiritual naturalism could be called the synergy of rationality, reason and empathy – a human being’s most essential tools of survival. It is life positive – human and otherwise.”

–Ricky Barnes

“Compassion, love, unity, peace, beauty….that’s my spirituality. It’s not necessary to believe in an afterlife or a spirit form to feel deeply about things. I’m content with a love for humanity and nature, and respect for science.”

–Carla Henderson

“You guys are awesome we really need more people like you doing this throughout not only america but the world.”

–Daniel V.

“This looks like something with which I can finally identify… I am a believer in God, but I believe non-believers should have freedom to not believe, in public, and in public forums… Let’s all get together and stop being afraid of those who are different.”

–Donna Cardinale

“Leaving Christianity and becoming an atheist is a big step. But it isn’t the last step. To move forward as a species, we need to learn how to live “the examined life,” and live/enjoy life to its fullest. Spiritual naturalism, what some might call a naturalistic “religion without God,” is a great way to move forward.”

–Truman Smith

“There are many of us atheists who find this present real life –not an afterlife promised by one of the many religions, or another– deeply meaningful, wonderful, and a very rooted grounding for community. We value this world, we appreciate this life, and we believe our fellow creatures on this planet, human & otherwise, are worth the work it will take to make this a better, safer, more just & peaceful planet.”

–Mike Campbell


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