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sns-year1-bookWe have great news for our members, subscribers, and all enthusiasts of naturalistic spirituality! Articles from the first year of the Spiritual Naturalist Society have been brought together and organized by theme in this new anthology. Now the work of ten authors is available to the public, to Regular Members, and to Supporting Members, with a foreword by meme and consciousness researcher Susan Blackmore. Currently, the book can be purchased in print form or e-book now at (purchase links: paperback | E-book). In a few weeks processing will be complete and we expect the book to become available at and Barnes & Nobles website as well. Your purchase of the anthology goes to help support the mission and operations of the Spiritual Naturalist Society.

Note to Supporting Members: You can get the print version of the book at cost (lower than normal sale price), and the e-book for free, as a part of your member benefits in the Society. Simply contact us to request which version/s you’d like and we will get them to you directly.


  • Paperback: purchase at HERE
  • eBook: purchase at HERE
  • SNS Supporting Members: Contact us and let us know the form you’d like it (paperback or which e-book version). E-book formats are emailed free for Supporting Members and paperback is at cost, paid through PayPal, credit card, or check.

ISBN:  9781304435163
Publisher: Spiritual Naturalist Society
(c) Spiritual Naturalist Society, Inc.
First Edition, 2014 Pages: 320
Dimensions: 6″ x 9″
Weight: 1.19 lbs.
Binding: perfect bound Interior ink: black & white


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