We are always looking for friends who would like to be a part of our volunteer team! There are all kinds of different roles and things to do that can match almost any background or interest. Simply contact us to get started!

Also, volunteering with us is easy – we welcome any amount of time you feel fits comfortably with your lifestyle, and many activities can be done on your own timing.

We are so fortunate to have a team of people who volunteer some of their time to make everything the Society does possible (you will hear from many of them below). Our volunteers come from all over (we handle things as a team virtually, via email and video chat). They are people just like you! If you enjoy our articles or subscribe, or are a member, then I’m betting you find the idea of naturalistic spirituality appealing or even exciting. We believe our mission to be a means to make the world a better place, helping to inspire greater compassion and reason. As such, we think these efforts are worthy of our time.

Here are what some of our volunteers say about why they volunteer for the Society…


“For me, volunteering is about putting legs to my spiritual practice. In order to make a difference in the world, we have to combine our efforts for the good of the planet. The Spiritual Naturalist Society allows me the ability to do just that. Here I can make a difference in the world, however small. It also helps my own spiritual practice. I recommend it to everyone.” –Jay Forrest, Technical Director



I enjoy being part of a positive, encouraging, compassionate organization that promotes freethought, science and balanced spirituality. All of which I find difficult to find all in one place! I definitely recommend others to volunteer for the SNS society. Not only are more volunteers needed, but the SNS has so much potential for really affecting the world & people around us. The SNS team is kind, respectful and an all-around great bunch to alongside!” –Michelle LeBlanc, Community Facilitator


Volunteering is all about being a part of something. I feel I’m making something happen, something that I care about deeply. I find I put in far more time and effort than I would at a paid job, simply because the work is meaningful. At the same time, I get to meet lots of like-minded people. I’ve also made lasting friends.The SNS staff are a good-natured bunch of laid back yet dedicated folks who are in it for the right reasons. I’m proud to be part of it all.” –Brandon Newberg, Education Director


“I volunteer for the Society, because I wish to support the unique sort of perspective it encourages that also brings together spirituality and an interest in science and philosophy that encourage them to be brought together without having to sacrifice one or the other.  I feel volunteering helps me more easily by having access to many people who also volunteer to build my own spiritual naturalism and allow it hopefully to grow so others have access to it in the present and the future. I volunteer to help others as well as for some selfish reasons to engage this community of creative people, too.” –Aron Gamman, Membership Director


nicholas-johnson“I volunteer because I hope to help grow a community around spiritual naturalism. And of course, to gain experience along the way.” –Nicholas Johnson, I.T. Associate




As Brandon said, another benefit of volunteering is the wonderful friendships we have formed. Below is a list of some areas we know volunteers are needed, but don’t let this limit you – we want to hear your ideas! To volunteer, simply contact us and let us know you’d like to be involved!

  • Educational Archives: help in reaching out to appropriate professors and authors for the addition of their work into our archives.
  • Arts & Music: help finding and reaching out to appropriate artists, musicians, poets, and others; asking for their contributions to the archives (or being an artist, musician, or poet yourself).
  • Outreach: helping to get the word out and make connections to help the Society grow, develop, and reach more people.
  • Fellowship: helping to facilitate positive relationships with and between members of the Society, social interaction, and so on.
  • Writing/Publishing: articles or essays for the Society’s public articles or educational archives.
  • Administration: we can always use help with administration, emailing, record-keeping, communications, project management, logistics, and so on.
  • Technical: anyone experienced or skilled in computers, websites, blogging, multimedia, video or sound editing, podcasting, etc.


Many Possibilities
Be creative!
If you’re excited about spiritual naturalism, about our mission, and the potential and possibilities of the Spiritual Naturalist Society, please let us know by contacting us today.