Welcome to the Spiritual Naturalist Society!

If this is your first time here, let me welcome you to our community!  When SNS was founded, there was practically no organized effort around naturalistic spirituality, contemplative practice, or religion. Since that time, we have worked to build an organization that raises awareness of Spiritual and Religious Naturalism, educates on naturalistic practices and traditions, and helps to foster Spiritual Naturalist community. We have been fortunate to have the support of some of the leading thinkers, writers, teachers, scientists, and philosophers as advisors and content contributors.

Here are some introductory items that may be helpful to you…


About Spiritual Naturalism

You can read What is Spiritual Naturalism? as a starter. Some other important articles and pages include:

Embracing a Natural Life
Top 10 Signs of Good Spirituality
Our Spirituality
What is Spiritual Transformation?
Compassion as Foundation
Sacred Tongue
Beyond Meditation
A Naturalist Approach to Personal Gods

Then you may wish to delve deeper into the rest of the educational materials hosted by the Spiritual Naturalist Academy.


About our Organization

You can read our mission and other information about us. You can also see our Vision Statement, which gives an idea of what we aim to accomplish and how. Other pages describe our Advisory Board, Council & Volunteers, Contributing Writers, and Academy Contributors.


How to Get Involved!

The first thing to do is become a Member – free or supporting, your choice. This will let you be included on community announcements, the newsletter, and more. You can subscribe to our articles as well as follow our podcast. You might also wish to be a part of our monthly online video chat groups. There is the Practice Support Group and the Meditation Guidance Group. All of what we do is made possible by people just like you, spending a little of their free time to help out. You can volunteer with us and be a part of our team – we need help! You can join the discussion by interacting in the comments of our articles, or by checking out the other social media platforms where we are present.


Tell Others

If you know of other individuals or groups that would be interested in naturalistic forms of spiritual or contemplative practices and ideas, please tell them about us! Share our links on your social media pages, blog, email, etc.

Thank you for your interested in what we are doing, and feel free to browse some more – there is a lot more than can be described here!


With love and thanks,

Daniel Strain
Executive Director
Spiritual Naturalist Society