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Spiritual Naturalism Today was a podcast series SNS produced which lasted three years, from 2015 to 2018. This was a great experience and we covered a lot of wonderful topics with wonderful guests, which are available below for people to enjoy and learn about Spiritual Naturalism. Below this list you will find information about our crew. While this series is complete, SNS may create new podcasts or other programs in the future. The best way to stay informed is to become a member so you get the newsletter and other announcements. We hope you will enjoy this program…


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About our Crew

Daniel Strain (Host) is a Humanist minister, speaker, and writer on the topics of ethics, spirituality, and ancient philosophy. He is founder of the Spiritual Naturalist Society and serves as its Executive Director and on the SNS Council. Daniel also serves on the Board of Directors of New Stoa. His Humanist Contemplative group and blog inspired a similar mindfulness group at Harvard University. He is former president of the Humanists of Houston and has served in the Chapter Assembly of the American Humanist Association. Daniel writes for the Houston Chronicle belief page online and his work has appeared nationally in other magazines, on Houston PBS, and the journal “Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism“. He attends Jade Buddha Temple and occasionally speaks at their English Dharma Group and other venues.


Leigh Anderson (Host) is recently retired after working 30 years in the aerospace industry, with degrees in computer programming and Cultural Anthropology. A well traveled native Texan, she lives there now near much of her extended family. Her interests include comparative religion, though she prefers not to label her beliefs specifically. She instead blends parts of different traditions and religions to craft her own individual spiritual outlook. Leigh volunteers at a local State Park and enjoys family outings, kayaking, hiking, photography and numerous outdoor activities. Leigh also serves as Administration Director and sits on the SNS Council.


Thomas Schenk (Host) says he “has no credentials besides having lived for 50-plus years”. He calls himself a space-age Taoist, Black Sheep Catholic, Perennial Philosophy Pantheist, Dharma Bum, which suggests he is not inclined to commitment. Tom maintains a largely unread blog called the Golden Hive of the Invisible, which can be found at hiveoftheinvisible.blogspot.com. Directors at Large are available to work on special assignments and where most able and where needs are most crucial. Thomas also serves as writer, Editing Director, and SNS Council member.


Klemesrud_150John Eric Klemesrud (Musical Score/Announcer) serves as Arts Director for the Spiritual Naturalist Society. He is a video editor and musician in the Seattle area. As an avid mountain biker and nature enthusiast, he enjoys capturing wildlife videos with a motion-detector camera in the forest lands west of the Puget Sound (link to his videos). Being a song-writer, videographer, and graphic artist, John has always had a strong interest in the arts. However, in 2001, a renewed curiosity in science was evident by fact that he was watching every science related lecture series he could get his hands on. This was the final stretch on his path to Spiritual Naturalism. He also considers himself to be an Ethical Humanist, Deistic Agnostic, and a warm-hearted skeptic with ties to the Unitarian Universalist Association. John also loves to play tennis.


Emeritus Crew


B.T. Newberg (Host Emeritus) is an author, editor, teacher, and husband. He has served as Education Director for the Spiritual Naturalist Society. Since 2000, he has been practicing meditation and ritual from a naturalistic perspective. Upon leaving the Lutheranism of his raising, he experimented with Agnosticism, Buddhism, Contemporary Paganism, and Humanism. He now blends all these experiences into his life as a Spiritual Naturalist.  After founding the community blog HumanisticPaganism, he currently writes the column Naturalistic Traditions at Patheos. Professionally, he holds a master’s degree in education and teaches English as a Second Language.  Having lived in England, Malaysia, Japan, and Korea, B. T. Newberg currently resides in the place of his birth, Minnesota, with his wife and cat. B.T. is no longer a regular co-host on SN Today but sometimes returns as guest co-host.

Jay N. Forrest (Host and Producer Emeritus) is a Spiritual Naturalist and a Humanist Meditation Teacher. Jay has served as Education Director for the Spiritual Naturalist Society and is an ordained Humanist Celebrant and a member of the American Humanist Association. Jay is a Certified Meditation Teacher, having been trained in both Zen and Vipassana meditation practices. Jay has taken courses in Buddhism from Harvard University, Princeton University, and the University of Virginia. Jay did his undergraduate work at Central Bible College and Berean University, and received his Doctorate of Ministry from Trinity Evangelical Christian University. Jay is the author of a number of books including Practical Buddhism: Wisdom for Everyday Life and Secular Buddhism: An Introduction. He has also served the Secular Buddhist Association.