Spiritual Naturalists celebrate Winter Solstice 2015

In 2015, Spiritual Naturalists from everywhere, and from a variety of traditions and practices, celebrated the Winter Solstice. Many of us expressed that celebration together online by sending in pictures of lighted candles and their warm wishes. Here are some of those who sent in their own!


Daniel Strain

Dear friends, In celebration of the Winter Solstice, another year, the renewed year to come, and in the coldest time; let us light these candles as a symbol of the light of love and warmth we express for all beings. Let us remind ourselves to be mindful of our values and others. Let us not be mislead by fear or greed. Let us keep in our hearts compassion even for those who do us wrong or who have fallen into darkness. Even when we must act to protect the innocent or defend the weak, we remain strongest when we do so out of love than from a place of hate. Let us commit to engaging everyone with empathy and the noblest parts of ourselves in the coming year, that we may be a light in the darkness. May each of us enjoy the holidays in our own ways, according to our own paths and traditions, but together in love and peace!



Michelle LeBlanc

A special thanks to all my fellow Spiritual Naturalist Friends & all of those who (regardless of your worldview) who have been such an inspiration!…I am so grateful to be a part of a growing, compassionate and caring community with each of you. …My wish is that love fill your homes and your hearts that you feel the special beauty that comes with this holiday season…and in the year to come, may we continue to grow by uniting together & encouraging one another towards making positive changes in our lives through reason & compassion! Happy Solstice” everyone!– <3



B.T. Newberg & André Sólo

The words we spoke came from Glenys Livingstone’s PaGaian Cosmology: “We recall our Beginnings — the Great Flaring Forth, and our Grandmother Supernova — Goddess Mother of our Solar System, of our star the Sun. This is our Cosmic lineage. We are gift of Goddess Mother Supernova. Out of her stardust we are born. Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulphur, phosphorus, and trace elements. We are Gift of Supernova — out of her stardust are we born.”



Aron Gamman

When I celebrate Channukah and the solstice, it’s to focus on stories of freedom and acknowledging the light during the darkest time of the year here in the Northern Hemisphere. It literally means “rededication”. 7 represents one full cycle and 8 represents re-starting a new one.



Lee Eddy

As the sun pauses on its regular trip, I pause also and kindle a small light in the hope that the greater lights of understanding and compassion will burn brighter in the coming year. Cheers and thank you, my friends!



Michelle Weizmann

Two candles: one for myself and one for the world. May it be a reminder for all of us to show light and love to the world during the darkness of this season.



Pete McLeod

A very happy Solstice time to all. A time to retreat, to renew, to reflect and to be thankful if we are able to do any of those things.



Jeremy Mattocks

Happy solstice, everyone. Thanks for being part of this wonderful community. 🙂



Vanessa Mize

Our Solstice celebration! Candles to light the way.



Ellen Goldberg

Happy solstice everyone!



Tony Schlisser

Happy Solstice all!



Lisa Hartman

Much love & peace.



Kevin Anderson




Darryl Burks



Virginia Ellenson



Sandra Gracie



Patrick Lesko



Darbi Lockridge



Angela Munn



Sher Quintana



Stephen Stauffer



Anna Zabielska



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