The purpose of a spiritual community is not only the enjoyment of fellowship, but also the opportunity to learn from one another (as we are all students). Also, the ability to support one another in our various practices, through encouragement and sharing. These are all things the Society exists to help facilitate. Please enjoy the features listed below and contact us if you have any questions or input!


SNS Academy

At SNS Academy, the educational wing of the Spiritual Naturalist Society, we place a high value on knowledge, but an even higher value on practice. Our online courses are designed to provide more than a passive learning experience; they integrate social interaction, meditative practices, and personal growth. The Academy also maintains and grows the Spiritual Naturalist Archives.

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Local Group Center

We have big plans on the horizon to help existing and new local groups centered on naturalistic spirituality flourish, whether they choose to become formal chapters of the Society or not. This includes future packets to help groups wanting to explore naturalistic spirituality. It will also include more networking and interaction.

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SNS On Social Media and Around the Web

As a part of our mission to spread awareness of spiritual naturalism, we try to have a presence in many places around the web. Members may find it convenient to follow us on these sites too if they happen to be regular users of one or more of them. Please feel free to check us out in these places too. You can play a great role in our mission by sharing our posts with your friends…

Our pages at:

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Our Facebook social Group: Spiritual Naturalist Friends

Please send us a contact request on Skype! Our username on Skype is: SNSociety


Partner Organizations

An important part of the community we’re building is our cooperation and interaction with other like-minded organizations and websites. This includes things like sharing communications, events, and of course moral support. This serves our members by giving them information they are interested in, and helps our mission. Further cooperative efforts in special events is also possible.

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