Welcome to the website for the Spiritual Naturalist Society. Do you have a reason and evidence based view of the world, but yet seek a kind of spirituality and contemplative practice inspired by the great wisdom philosophies and traditions? Do you still see value in ritual, meditation, etc. even if you do not subscribe to supernatural interpretations or purposes for them? If so, then you are likely a Spiritual Naturalist – even while at the same time you could be counted as any number of other overlapping labels – and that makes you a welcome part of our community!

The Spiritual Naturalist Society exists to help promote Spiritual Naturalism as a way of life, to help provide educational materials that sustain our practice, and to help bring together like-minded Spiritual Naturalists to share their thoughts, ideas, advice, and fellowship. The Society is maintained through the generous but modest financial support of its members, who receive access to our regular newsletter, forums, special materials, and more.

Please feel free to look around the other sections of our website or contact us with any questions you may have. You can join our mailing list (or leave it) with no obligation and your information will not be shared with any other lists. If you ever decide to help contribute to the mission of our Society and become a part of our community through your membership, we have many easy ways to do that as well.


Daniel Strain
Executive Director

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