Welcome Message

welcomeWelcome to the Spiritual Naturalist Society! Do you have a reason and evidence based view of the world, but seek a contemplative practice? People from many backgrounds are discovering Spiritual Naturalism.

While having a naturalistic worldview, Spiritual Naturalists still see value in ritual, meditation, etc. without supernatural interpretations or purposes for them. Cutting across traditional labels, spiritual naturalism is arising among those from many different religions, beliefs, and backgrounds – and that makes them all a welcome part of our community.

The Spiritual Naturalist Society exists to help promote Spiritual Naturalism as a way of life, to help provide educational materials that sustain our practice, and to help bring together like-minded Spiritual Naturalists to share their thoughts, ideas, advice, and fellowship. The Society is maintained through the generous but modest financial support of its Supporting Members.

Please feel free to look around the other sections of our website or contact us with any questions you may have. Please consider becoming a part of our community through your membership!

Thanks and best wishes 🙂