Thanks – but Please Consider…

Thank you for becoming a member of the Spiritual Naturalist Society! Your membership entitles you to receive the SNS Monthly Newsletter.

However, there is an opportunity to become an even greater benefactor to the Spiritual Naturalist movement!

You can choose to become a Supporting Member of the Society. These Supporters are crucially important to everything our organization does because it is their modest dues that make the Society possible.

About Supporting Membership

We love and appreciate all of our members, but invite you to consider Supporting Membership. Why Supporting Membership? Working to help spread awareness of Spiritual Naturalism, provide helpful materials, and bring people together is ultimately about helping people find happiness. We believe what we are doing has important value and benefit, and find it worthy of our time, hard work, and financial support – and you can be a part!

These efforts take time and resources. Our aim is to be able to meet expenses and support staff toward these ends. Through your Supporting Membership in the Spiritual Naturalist Society, you will be playing an important role in furthering this cause.

Supporting Membership entails a modest monthly donation of just $8, but with enough of us together we can do great things. These funds pay for our administration expenses such as CPA services and the like. They also pay for our internet hosting and web expenses. They provide the tools we need to host online meetings, develop and run educational courses, and pay for other program expenses. Funds are also needed for outreach and growth, which enables us to do even more to fulfill our mission. We are also working to help build community within local groups, which often has expenses for their online, outreach, and materials. We have our podcast and many other services to both members and the public. A portion of our budget also goes to our Compassion Fund. Lastly, while we look at Supporting Membership as its own reward and an act of generosity in supporting one’s spiritual community, we do offer Supporting Members discounts on our courses, SNS books, and other occasional projects that have a cost.

As we are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, your donations are tax-deductible and there is no obligation to continue your membership. You can become a Supporting Member any number of convenient and secure ways: with your credit card, PayPal account, check, or by money order. We recommend using your credit card to establish automatic payments through secure transaction, which is the most convenient to you, and also the most helpful to us in planning our budget (click here to proceed). If paying by check or money order, you can mail your dues for the year ($96) payable to: Spiritual Naturalist Society, 2123 Sheridan Street, Houston, TX  77030. USA. We accept dues by traditional mail on a yearly basis because the small amounts on a monthly basis would make processing inefficient. If you have any other questions or concerns about your membership or payments, please feel free to contact us.

If you cannot afford Supporting Membership, our Regular Members are still a valued and integrated part of our community and stay in touch with the newsletter and other online interactions. Furthermore, you are always free to donate smaller amounts through individual gifts. Others of means who believe in our cause sometimes make larger donations than the $8/month, for which we so appreciate (donation page link here).

Thank you for your time and consideration 🙂