Supernatural Free Problem Solving

One of the reasons I participate in the Spiritual Naturalist Society is because I am a firm believer that rejection of supernaturalism is a critical aspect of successful problem solving.


Life is difficult. Even when things are going well, we have problems to solve. How well we solve them, to a large degree, impacts how successful we ultimately are.

The problem with supernaturalism is that it is notoriously bad at helping us solve problems. Whether you are praying for rain or for a healing or for a job, the odds are that prayer, or attempts to create a supernatural solution to your problem, aren’t going to be all that effective. That’s because no supernatural solution has even been proven to work better than chance. This means, you could do nothing at all and get the same results.

Realistically, when you seek supernatural intervention, you are putting a lot of energy into activities that don’t change the odds in your favor at all.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time, energy and money to waste. That is why I reject supernaturalism. I am looking for solutions that actually work or that at least have been proven to improve my odds a bit over chance.

It is amazing how much easier problem solving is when you take a supernatural free approach to problem solving. It is easier to figure out what is really causing your problem so that you can really solve it.

Our challenge is to remind ourselves, when the going gets tough, that reliance on supernaturalism, isn’t going to help us and that worse, it will probably hinder our ability to fix our problems.

When it comes to solving problems, naturalism is the only way to go.


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1 thought on “Supernatural Free Problem Solving”

  1. I totally agree. I believe real problems deserve real action and methods at attempts in trying to solve them. No hocus pocus no magic fairy dust but something solid and tangible. We need to get out of the imaginary supernatural world and into reality.


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