State of the Society: October 2012

October has been our second month of operation since our launch in September and it’s been an exciting month! The Society’s public articles will now also be available at the popular religion and spirituality website, Part of our mission is to help spread spiritual naturalism and happiness-inducing wisdom in the world, and our presence on Patheos certainly helps with that.

It’s also a pleasure to announce that, where local chapters are concerned, we have moved beyond our first one in Houston this month, and now have another local chapter of the Society in Portland! We will continue to work to build local chapters in other cities, as volunteers come forward to help host them, thus adding to the benefits already received by members of the international organization.  Truman Smith, who organizes the Portland chapter, has also joined our Advisory Board and you can read more about him on the website in our Advisory Board page.

Our Facebook page has been growing rapidly and now exceeds 830 ‘likes’. Many thanks to them for their readership and moral support! We hope our existence and publications will help our Facebook readers improve their lives and the world – which is the essence of our mission. Lastly, this month we added a new function to the members area – a very simple live chat room for members.

The materials available to those who choose to become members of the Society continue to grow. If all the materials we have collected for members in our educational archives were put into standard paperback format, it would be a 100,000+ word book of over 400 pages. That’s not even counting the images, video, and music resources we’re beginning to collect. Some of these materials are exclusive to members and some are available elsewhere, but nowhere is a collection of this kind and diversity being built in one place for our members’ convenience. Many of the authors are even available to join the discussion in our member forums. This is just one benefit of membership in the Society, but we hope those inspired by spiritual naturalism and who have a wish to be a part of supporting it will help with expenses by becoming members.

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Thanks again, not only to our members, volunteers, and contributors, but to our subscribers, readers, and visitors. I hope the next month brings happiness. If you ever have questions or input, please feel free to contact us. And, if you happen to know of friends, family, or others who might be interested, please tell them about our Society!

With best wishes 🙂

Daniel Strain
Executive Director


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The Spiritual Naturalist Society works to spread awareness of spiritual naturalism as a way of life, develop its thought and practice, and help bring together like-minded practitioners in fellowship.

Photo: (cc) Elf Sternberg.



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