Staff Area

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Current Staff Contact Information

Darren Bell, Editing Director
604-989-1658 – B.C. (Canada)
[email protected]

Matthew Copple, Membership Director
816-520-8601 – Kansas City, MO (US)
[email protected]

Lee Fitzgerald, Outreach Director
724-972-3737 – (US)
[email protected]

Michelle LeBlanc, Executive Assistant
506-388-4678 – Moncton (Canada)
[email protected]

B. T. Newberg, Education Director
651-274-6919 – Saint Paul, MN (US)
[email protected]

Thomas Schenk, Director at large
651-690-1782 – Saint Paul, MN (US)
[email protected]

Daniel Strain, Executive Director
713-834-2213 – Houston, TX (US)
[email protected]


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