Spiritual Naturalist Society Call for Writers & Artists

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The Spiritual Naturalist community is looking to hear from new voices and artists.

Our website (snsociety.org) features weekly articles from contributing and guest writers. These articles focus on some aspects of the broad range of topics that comprise spiritual naturalism. 

SNS currently has openings for some new writers, both those who to submit an occasional piece and those who would like to write regularly.  You don’t have to be an accomplished writer or a scholar to contribute. While some of our writers are quite accomplished and scholarly, many are simply members of SNS who have something they want to share with the community. Articles are intended to educate, connect, and inspire our community members. 

Guest writers can submit articles, essays, and poetry that are published occasionally – typically one piece every few months. Contributing writers commit to submitting articles, essays, and poetry once every other month. Writing is a wonderful way of clarifying your ideas and potentially getting feedback from others. 

We also welcome creative contributions from others, such as graphic designers, artists, photographers, poets, musicians, or fiction writers. 

While we seek to encourage diverse voices and viewpoints, submissions should be aligned with the basic principles of spiritual naturalism. To get a flavor of pieces we typically publish, take a few moments to look through our article archive. Additionally, you can read our editorial guidelines

Thomas Schenk has been our editorial director for many years and reviews and lightly edits submissions for publication. If you want to submit an article or creative work, contact us first at gregory@gregorygronbacher.com and tell us your ideas. Thomas or I will respond and talk with you further. 

Looking forward to hearing from you with your ideas!

Learn about Membership in the Spiritual Naturalist Society

The Spiritual Naturalist Society works to spread awareness of spiritual naturalism as a way of life, develop its thought and practice, and help bring together like-minded practitioners in fellowship.

SNS strives to include diverse voices within the spectrum of naturalistic spirituality. Authors will vary in their opinions, terms, and outlook. The views of no single author therefore necessarily reflect those of all Spiritual Naturalists or of SNS.

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