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In today’s article, we say goodbye to Brock Haussamen as a writer. Brock has been a wonderful part of the team and his work will remain available to our readers and members. Many thanks to Brock for all of his contributions! He will always be a welcome part of our community. Below is his farewell note…


With this note, I am stepping down as a regular contributor to the Spiritual Naturalism Society’s web page. I have appreciated very much the opportunity to publish articles here since soon after SNS came together several years ago. If you’re a relative newcomer to writing about the topics here, as I was, I can tell you there is nothing that prompts you to work harder on your writing – and that can steadily boost your confidence – more than a growing audience interested in the same general topics. My thanks to Daniel Strain, to Editing Director Thomas Schenk, and to many others who volunteer in the background of this lively and interesting web site.

I have also signed off for now from my own blog, 3.8 Billion Years: Lives and Life (at where most of the articles that appeared here had their trial run. That site will stay up for as long as occasional readers stops by.

I began the blog in order to work out for myself whether the biological history of life could offer me any guidance about the deepest issues of our lives. The central question guiding this English teacher’s post-retirement study of evolution, cell biology, and related topics has remained, how does this information connect to me emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually?

Without my being fully aware of it, the question has kept me feeling steadily closer, in a wonderful way, to organisms as they live and have evolved. I’ve come away recognizing how deeply humans, though we are a unique species, share the basics of growing, struggling, cooperating, competing, reproducing, and dying with all living things.

But writing on the subject has become difficult and I need space from it for a while. I may submit a guest piece in the future, which Thomas has kindly invited me to do. What I will certainly continue to be is a reader and supporter SNS.

Best wishes to all.


Again, our loving thanks to Brock. If you are interested in applying to join our writing team, please contact us!


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