SNS October 2012 Share Raffle

Details, Terms, and Conditions

From September 24, 2012 to October 22, 2012, the Spiritual Naturalist Society (SNS) will be holding a charity raffle for a $50 Gift Card. To be eligible for a chance to win, participants must ‘share’ the appropriate jpg image concerned with this drawing (the “raffle image”) on the official SNS Facebook page (link to the image here). ‘Sharing’ refers to the Facebook feature by which users can click a link marked ‘share’ under posts such that their friends can view the post as well. No other methods or means of sharing the image than the official Facebook share function will result in eligibility for this raffle prize. Sharing other Facebook posts besides the post of the raffle image on the SNS Facebook page will not result in eligibility for the drawing; nor will ‘liking’ our Facebook page, ‘liking’ the picture or its post, or any other activity.

Public verification: Please note that shares must be set to public before Facebook will show us names of those who shared the image, so they may be included in the drawing. If you share the image, you can message us through our Facebook page, or contact us at our website if you wish to confirm that we have your name. By necessity, anyone who shares the image on a setting other than ‘public’ and does not contact or message us to let us know who they are, cannot possibly be included in the drawing and are therefore disqualified.  The SNS pledges not to use your contact information for any other purposes than what you specifically wish us to use it.

While the following people may help share the raffle image, those who work in and for the SNS, and their families, are not eligible to win. This includes the Executive Director, members of the Advisory Board, writers, contributors, local chapter organizers; and any of their family members.

All eligible Facebook users who share the raffle image between (and including) the dates of September 24, 2012 and October 22, 2012, will be entered in a drawing whereby one winner will be selected. Sharing the image after October 22, 2012 will not result in participation in this raffle or eligibility to win. Facebook’s report listing of those who shared the image between these dates, as provided in the page’s user tools, will determine who is included in the drawing. The drawing will take place on October 23, 2012.

Upon selection of a winner, the winning participant will be notified through Facebook by messaging the account they used to share the raffle image. If their account settings do not allow for messaging, other attempts to contact the Facebook user will be made, such as wall posting or other contact information provided in their profile. If their is no way to contact the participant, they will be disqualified and a new drawing will be made with a replacement winner named. If a winner can be sent notification and, after notification is sent, if the winner does not respond with the information needed to get the card to them within 7 days, they will be disqualified and a new drawing will be made with a replacement winner named.

By sharing the raffle image and entering the drawing, participants agree to allow the SNS to publicly announce the winner by the name used in their Facebook account.

Drawing methodology: The first stage of this drawing will select 10 names from those eligible, using a computer-generated random number. From those ten, a single winner will be selected based on the roll of a ten-sided die out of a cup, to ensure both digital and analog random sorting, since digital random number generation is not truly random.

The prize for this raffle has been paid for by a designated anonymous donation to the SNS. If you have further questions about this charity raffle, please contact us.


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