Science & Spirituality

About the Curator:
Dr. Andrew Brodsky is a researcher and writer based in Colorado. He is currently completing his first book, Science for Seekers: Discovering The Spiritual Power of the Real World. His writing ties together philosophy, naturalism, science, and spirituality. As an education consultant, Dr. Brodsky also conducts research on early childhood programs and policies. He holds a Ph.D. in Education Research Methods and Policy from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and is an avid trail runner, a doting husband, and dad to two awesome daughters. Visit him at, on Instagram (@running.philosopher), or on Twitter (@DrAndrewBrodsky).

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This page will soon provide a space for educational materials and projects related to science (its principles of skepticism/agnosticism/evidence as well as revealed wonders of the natural cosmos) and its implications on spirituality.

Please check back soon!