Ritual that works – SN Today #15


Episode 15: Today we are having a discussion about ritual. Why would it make sense for naturalists to engage in ritual? How can we avoid ’empty theater’? Other topics include: the importance of discipline in building a practice; tips for building your own rituals; rituals and a ‘sense of the sacred’. Let us know what you think!

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1 thought on “Ritual that works – SN Today #15”

  1. Good conversation, y’all. I admit that I came to the benefits of ritual practice before I was curious about the scientific evidence for it, so that’s probably why I lean towards what Daniel and Brendan were advising about experimenting with ritual form. I think one can study some religious ritual to learn from it without having to necessarily accept the supernatural perspectives contained within. For me the somatic (movement, when and what we speak, etc.) aspects of ritual reflect a very important part of what works, too.


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