Registration for October session of SNS 101 now open!

Hello friends! We’d like you to know that registration for the next session of our online course, SNS 101: Introduction to Spiritual Naturalism is now available. The session will begin October 2, 2016.

This is a 4-week online course, but should only take about 3 hours/week. Students go through it with instructor, B.T. Newberg. The instructor and fellow students will be able to converse about the materials, videos, and exercises as they proceed through them together.

More than academic learning, we wanted this course to include hands-on exercises. By the time you finish, you will have a good overview of what a living Spiritual Naturalism is all about, and a good sampling from which you can move forward to continue building your own practice.

Check out our info page on the course, where you can read about the content, the instructor, pricing, a review, and testimonials…

Complete Info Page on Course

Click Here to Register!


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