Spiritual Naturalist Weddings


Spiritual Naturalist wedding ceremonies are beautiful expressions of love and commitment between life partners. They might be influenced by a variety of cultures and traditions, or take on whole new elements and forms. The language and procession of each ceremony can be unique, according to the wishes of those being married. Some of the hallmarks of a Spiritual Naturalist wedding are:

  • Fully natural: Spiritual Naturalist weddings do not evoke supernatural powers, entities, or other faith-based beliefs.
  • Egalitarian: services treat all participants as equal in status, regardless of gender.
  • LGBT-Friendly: Spiritual Naturalist weddings can include marriages of any sexual orientation.
  • Alternate Family Models: marriages can involve monogamous couplings, but may also include alternate family structures.
  • Diverse: Spiritual Naturalist weddings can involve influences from a variety of cultures, traditions, and practices, according to the wishes of those married.

Society Executive Director, Daniel Strain, is a Humanist minister, certified by the American Humanist Association and can officiate legal weddings in the state of Texas. For those near the Houston, Texas area in search of naturalist services, Rev. Strain can be reached through the Society. If you are in another area, he may be able to recommend others who can conduct these services. Please contact us to learn more.



Fees for wedding services go to support the Spiritual Naturalist Society and its mission.

Base Fee: $250
Rehearsal: $50 (recommended)
Travel Fee (if outside Houston area but within reasonable driving distance): $1/mile (each way).
If not within reasonable driving distance, Travel Fee = Plane Ticket cost + $60/hr flight time.
Hotel costs may also apply if required.
(if you are far from Houston, TX, other certified celebrants can be recommended, and they will have their own policies)



Generally, after making contact, Rev. Strain will meet schedule a meeting with you. There you can ask questions, talk about what kind of a service you’re looking for, go over some ideas, and generally get to know him. Some time after the meeting, you can email or call to inform Rev. Strain of whether you’d like to move forward. If so, he will send you some script (wording) ideas for the ceremony. You can then go over the ideas, editing or using any portions of them you like. You will go back and forth some, with Rev. Strain recommending some possible edits and making sure the procession is clear. Finally, when you are completely happy with the final product, this is the script that will be used on the wedding day. The couple is responsible for having procured the marriage license from the state before the wedding day, and will need to give it to Rev. Strain after the ceremony. He will then sign it and mail it in to the government office, who will then mail the certified document back to you. Any remaining fees for Rev. Strain’s services should be provided on the wedding day as well.