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The Spiritual Naturalist Dialogues

The Spiritual Naturalist Dialogues is a growing and ongoing series of audio posts (podcasts) that will feature conversations on topics of interest to Spiritual Naturalists. These are available to Supporting Members of the Society. Below is a sample episode! If you would like to learn more about joining the Society, please see this link.
, with B.T. Newberg & DT Strain [20 minutes].


Audio Interviews & Discourse

Rothko Chapel presentation & meditation: Our Spirituality

Open Air Atheist, James Stillwell interviews DT Strain on Naturalistic Buddhism

Secular Buddhist Association, Ted Meissner: Humanist Contemplative in Texas, B.T. Newberg interview with DT Strain on what to expect from the Spiritual Naturalist Society

Deconstructing the Christmas Gift – SNS Director, DT Strain interviewed by John Hockenberry of “The Takeaway” for Public Radio International and WNYC, with the New York Times and WGBH Boston.


Society Video Posts

with Humanist, Jennifer Hancock:

Is it possible to think too much?

What is more important: honesty or compassion?

How do Humanists do spirituality?

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