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The Spiritual Naturalist Society is being guided by the advice and input from some of today’s best minds in spiritual and religious naturalism and the philosophy and concepts supporting it. The Advisory Board also represents a diversity of traditions, faiths, and backgrounds. For example, Buddhist ideas are represented by former monk and author Stephen Batchelor, as well as Executive Director of the Secular Buddhist Association, Ted Meissner. Paganism is represented by author B. T. Newberg of the Humanistic Paganism website. Christian naturalism is represented by evolutionary evangelist Michael Dowd and Church of Christ ordained minister Arthur G. Broadhurst. Author and speaker Jennifer Hancock represents Humanism, as does Rick Heller, facilitator of the Humanist Mindfulness group at Harvard. Tom Clark is author and director of the Center for Naturalism. Truman Smith is a Humanist minister who hosts a local cable television program that promotes Christian/atheist dialog.

All of our Advisory Board members are scientifically literate, with a rational and naturalist outlook. Many of them also have scholarship and scientific credentials. Dr. Susan Blackmore is a professor, researcher, and author on memes, evolutionary theory, consciousness, and meditation. Some of the Advisory Board members also contribute their writing and other materials to our member archives and our public articles. We are very grateful for their support of the Society and look forward to many exciting things in the future.

If you would like to read more about them, please see our Advisory Board page, where you can read their individual bios and see the links to their work and other institutions with which they are involved.

We should also mention and thank the many highly qualified people serving the Society in other ways, such as our contributing writers and our volunteers – many of which contribute research, art, music, and writing to our educational and inspirational materials in our members area and public articles. This includes naturalist artists such as Annika Garratt, Sharmon Davidson, and musician John Boswell. It includes Ethical Society leader and activist Kate Lovelady, writer Rick Bamford, and psychotherapist J. Ash Bowie. It also includes science, philosophy, religion, and psychology professors Dr. Marian Hillar, Dr. Robert Finch, Dr. Carol Wayne White, Dr. Eric Steinhart, and Joey Carlisle. It is our hope that many more naturalists from all backgrounds will bring their individual interests, skills, and talents into the Society.


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The Spiritual Naturalist Society works to spread awareness of spiritual naturalism as a way of life, develop its thought and practice, and help bring together like-minded practitioners in fellowship.


2 thoughts on “Meet the SNS Advisory Board”

  1. I have stumbled across this website when looking for those with a similar mindset I have obtained since overcoming depression and anxiety. Everything about Spiritual Naturalism seems to flow perfectly with my soul and the perception I have of the world we are living in. So happy I have found a group of individuals like me, making me feel accepted and not at all strange.

    • Welcome, and thank you for the comment. We’re very happy to have you, Mireya! We’re all here because we deeply want to connect with kindred spirits like you. I encourage you to join our Facebook Group, Spiritual Naturalist Friends, and participate in our group forums here on the website.


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