How do Humanists do Spirituality?

Humanism is a naturalist philosophy meaning it rejects supernaturalism. However, it is a holistic philosophy of life which is as much concerned with personal development as it is with social responsibility.   In that sense it fits in perfectly with a “spiritual” life practice.

So, how do Humanists improve themselves? How do they remove bad habits and replace them with better ones. How do Humanists cope with tragedies such as what happened at Sandy Hook back in Dec?

How can we who hold a naturalist view of the world better work with people whose beliefs about the supernatural are so different than ours?

Here is the Jan 2013 Ask a Humanist, which is based on questions posted by Spiritual Naturalist Society director, DT Strain.


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4 thoughts on “How do Humanists do Spirituality?”

  1. Thanks for this Jen! Interesting to hear your thoughts on these questions. Hope others will comment here too, but I have also started a detailed discussion on your video and these questions in our member forums, which members of the Society should be aware 🙂

  2. Oh sorry. You can get to our Member social network from a link on our community page here:
    If you then go to the forum link (under your profile pic on the home page) it will be the latest showing thread in the Philosophy/Wisdom section.


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