Experiences of Awakening

We have the potential to experience moments of awakening, temporary experiences of enlightenment. This is related to the third noble truth, the truth of the way out of suffering. Experiences like this are unique, individual results may vary. These experiences are usually very short and rare. But it’s possible, through our practice to make them last longer when they do occur.

These enlightenment experiences are real to us, not some understanding, but an actual lived experience. All at once we feel a sense of wakefulness, like waking up when you didn’t even know you were asleep. It’s like seeing the sun peek behind the clouds on an overcast day.

We have the potential for these experiences because of our practices of mindfulness and awareness.

In these experiences we can begin to develop real understanding, understanding of what we are, our place in the world. These experiences tend to develop our faith in the path. These experiences are what tell us that Enlightenment is possible.


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Daniel Scharpenburg is a meditation instructor and dharma teacher in Kansas City. He regularly gives teachings through the Open Heart Project, the largest virtual mindfulness community in the world. Find out more about Daniel on his website and connect with him on Facebook.

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