Practice Support Group

On the first Sunday of each month, at 3pm Central Time, the Spiritual Naturalist Society (SNS) hosts the SNS Practice Support Group – an online video chat session for people to ask questions about Spiritual Naturalism, share their ideas, and support one another in building our spiritual practice. This may include guided meditations, reading recommendations, philosophic discussion, fellowship, and more.

To be a part of this group, you should first make sure you have signed up as a member of SNS. Then you will get an invite to join the SNS Members Email List. That is where you will receive reminders and the invite link to join the session. It’s also where you will be able to converse with other members in the group.

On the date of the session, an email with the link will be sent out shortly before time on the list. This link will lead to our video chat. It will also have information to join by phone if you do not have video capacity.

Please note, our discussions are always in a very tolerant, compassionate, open, and listening kind of sharing – not debates. We practice Mindful Discourse in this group, as described here:
Mindful Discourse

Hope you can join us! 🙂

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