Celestial Symphonies

(Today’s article is by guest writer Shahreen Quazi. Brief bio is provided below.)

Recently, I attended a concert called Come to Bethlehem that was performed by the Daughters of St. Paul, a congregation of Catholic nuns. The program brochure had a beautiful message that resonated with me deeply. The Daughters of St. Paul wrote:

When we do not know what to say, music can speak for us.
When we don’t know how to pray, music can carry us into God’s presence.
When griefs overwhelm us, music is a consolation.
When our joy is inexpressible, music allows other people to share our happiness.

With those words in mind,  I would like to remind everyone that the universe itself makes music for us. We do not have to go out to find it, music is all around us.

The ancients would listen with their hearts and souls. Sadly, many people have forgotten to listen that way now. We do not go out to listen to the stars, we listen to YouTube videos at home with EarPods on.

But interestingly, astrophysicists have found a way to prove our ancestors were right, the stars truly perform a celestial symphony act for us continuously. Centuries ago, the Quran mentioned the beating drum-like sound of the piercing star, Tariq.  Astrophysicists have now proved this statement to be true.

In the article, “African Cosmos,” published by The Smithsonian National Museum of African Art, the author notes that “ like musical instruments, STARS, through their natural oscillations or vibrations, can be transformed into an audible sound waves. Astrophysicists detect them through the science of asteroseismology or stellar seismology and then artificially boost the sounds to bring them into human hearing range, producing ghostly whistling, drumming, humming, or bell sounds, depending on their frequencies or speeds of vibration.”

That is the nature of magic, the nature of music and the language of the cosmos reminding us that we are not alone in grief or happiness. Nature is playing music to participate in our  joy and our healing. And on rare occasions, the stars even do special performances. These spectacular events are stories of miracles that we have heard of but not all had the pleasure of witnessing first-hand.

The most famous celestial event with cosmic dance and music I can think of is when the Star of Bethlehem was observed. However, what proof do we have that such a star existed? How did the sky light up, what awesome music was playing in the heavens?

In Physicist: ‘Star of Bethlehem’ may have been planetary alignment, published by Aleteia.org, John Burger quotes Dr. Grant Mathews, Professor of Theoretical Astrophysics and Cosmology and Director of the Center for Astrophysics at the University of Notre Dame, saying “we explore the heavens in search of evidence of creation and the creator. And then, as today, God is a rewarder of those that seek him with all of their heart. 

What does that even mean? Evidence and signs of miracles, blessings, love and hope are there for us if we seek.  We just have to seek with our hearts and not just our eyes. But if we must seek with our eyes only, if not now, later, the evidence or truth of the matter appears.

For example, in Astronomy.com. Eric Betz writes that:

Jupiter and Saturn came together in a ‘Great Conjunction’ in 2020 that was unlike any seen in nearly 800 years. The two planets appeared so close together in Earth’s night sky on the winter solstice they looked almost like a single object. That prompted some to dub the sight a “Christmas Star,” and others to wonder about a similar-sounding celestial event that coincided with the biblical first Christmas: the Star of Bethlehem.” He further states that “there’s some evidence that a pair of planetary conjunctions — not unlike the Great Conjunction — happened around the historically accepted time frame for the birth of Christ. That could potentially explain the Star of Bethlehem.

Please take a moment to go outside, listen with your heart to what the stars in the evening skies have to say to you. For me, I hope they say that there will be another miracle, another peace in blessed Bethlehem.


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Bio: Shahreen Quazi is based in Natick, Massachusetts. She co-founded Tins, Trunks & Trousseau Inc. with her mother Sophia Huq in 2019. She tries to teach that giving back to humanity can be done in many forms and has many rewards.

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