A Naturalist approach to personal gods

Caveat on ‘God talk’ Spiritual Naturalism is a broad category of thought and practice. It’s unifying principles are: (1) an approach to life that stresses the essential perspectives, principles, and practices conducive to the good/flourishing life; and (2) a naturalistic worldview, and by implication the rational and humble approach to knowledge and claims associated with … Read more

Practices & Ritual

< Return to Spiritual Naturalist Archives main page This section features a growing collection of resources on practices and rituals relevant to spiritual naturalists. Practices are those activities designed to help cultivate qualities that make for a better life, and rituals are expressions of values in symbolic form, often involving motion, community, iconography, and myth. … Read more

Philosophy / Wisdom

< Return to Spiritual Naturalist Archives main page Here you will find a growing volume of references to philosophy, history, teachings, lessons, and ethics that would be of use to the spiritual life of a naturalist. In addition to these articles, don’t forget to check out our Local Group Center, where we have materials submitted … Read more