Calling All Artists!

As you may know, the Spiritual Naturalist Society exists to (1) develop, educate, and promote naturalistic (non-supernatural) forms of spiritual practice; and (2) foster and support Spiritual Naturalist communities.

To that end, we have always wanted to support the arts. Art, music, poetry, and other artistic forms approach our hearts and minds in ways that transcend mere intellectual understandings of life’s essential concepts.

Simple assent to a profound truth or a wise teaching is insufficient for a real change in our lives. Spirituality is, in large part, about taking the philosophy and wisdom for better living, and engaging in experiential moments (practices or rituals: formal or informal, solitary or communal) which make us feel their truth more intuitively. Being moved and engaged dramatically by truth, beauty, and wisdom is how character transformation most effectively takes place. And thus becomes how we integrate the intellectual into our very way of being. Concept becomes character. As we move from thinking to knowing, our way of responding to the world, to others, and to life’s challenges can become integrated with wisdom and insight.

But this requires walking through the land of metaphor, myth, archetype, symbolism, and all of the abstract ways of communicating beyond plain or technical language. Here we speak in sacred tongue, or night language. This is where the arts are essential for helping us take that journey.

And so, what I would like to do now, is call out to all of our artist and creative friends. If you like the ideas you have read or talked about on the SNS website, newsletter, or events – and you are an artist of any kind – I would like to invite you to write me. Let me know what you think of Spiritual Naturalism, what kind of art you do, and how you see the two overlapping.

We would like to get an informal artist’s group together to dialogue in their own times and ways – and begin brainstorming about the sounds, sights, iconography, and other artistic expressions for our movement and for Spiritual Naturalist practice. What we come up with is open for exploration, but perhaps we can play an important role in the development of Spiritual Naturalism!


With love and thanks,
Daniel Strain
Visual artist and Executive Director of SNS


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8 thoughts on “Calling All Artists!”

    • Hi Justin! We are from all over, so this would be a project where we connect online. But if any of us happen to be in the same areas, we can connect these ways as well.

  1. Hi Daniel, I came across snsociety by way of reading a book review. I am an artist who began exploring art and spirituality last year with a few friends. We get together every 2 weeks to discuss and create work, sometimes in response to our discussions; and as a way of experiencing spiritual connection. I would be very interested to speak to you about your ideas on the subject and am very interested in participating.

    • That’s great Sam! Please email me at spiritualnaturalistsociety [at] gmail [dot] com 🙂

  2. Art is a great way of unleashing and representing nature and the spirit. I work in many different mediums. Would love be to participate.

    • Awesome Sal 🙂 Drop me an email at spiritualnaturalistsociety [at] gmail [dot] com, thanks!

  3. This is just brilliant looking forward to sharing my ideas with you and more importantly enjoying what fellow artists have to offer!


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