Practices & Ritual

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This section features a growing collection of resources on practices and rituals relevant to spiritual naturalists. Practices are those activities designed to help cultivate qualities that make for a better life, and rituals are expressions of values in symbolic form, often involving motion, community, iconography, and myth. Rituals can have developmental functions and practices can have ritualistic elements, as the two may overlap. Most practitioners will not regularly employ all of these techniques. Rather, the selection is part of one’s personal practice, inclinations, and what is effective. If you have suggestions or additions to this section, please contact us or discuss on the member forums!

Many thanks to our archive contributors, who provided these materials!


Attention Practices


[External video] Cognitive Neuroscience of Mindfulness Meditation



Strategies of Secular Buddhist Practice

Stoic Meditation

Beyond Meditation

Mindfulness-Based ColorInsight Practice


Other Daily Practices


Negative Visualization

Nontheistic Prayer



Integrated Practices


Demeanor Practice

Moderation Practice

Wu Wei (Effortless Practice)

Art as Practice

Activism as Practice

Motherhood as roadmap to universal compassion

Chi Explained Without Magic (video), John Vervaeke



Ritual for the Spiritual Naturalist

What is Spiritual Transformation?

Religious Experience

Spiritual Naturalist Drumming

Towards a Stoic ‘Ritual Life’

Working Ritual with the Center

Meditation Framing & Procession