Annual Funds/Membership Drive


The Spiritual Naturalist Society works to help change the world by helping others in their spiritual growth. Our mission involves spreading awareness of helpful naturalistic perspectives and practices, supporting further development of Spiritual Naturalism, building community, publications, and more. As a non-profit organization, we rely on the generosity of people like yourself to provide the much-needed funds and participation these functions require.

Each year, we extend a special invitation to be a part of this exciting mission during our annual funds/membership drive. Whether you are a member or not, there are a number of options for helping out during the drive! Here are the links to ways you can do so…


Become a Supporting Member

For just $8/month you can become a part of our Society, and play a role in its direction. Supporting Membership includes: the SNS Newsletter, access to our Educational Archives, participation in our Forums (serving both educational and fellowship roles), and discounts on our courses (in development) and other events and items. During the drive only, we are offering a free print copy of the paperback edition of our anthology book, Exploring Spiritual Naturalism, Year 1.

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Make a Donation

Your generous donations are used to help fund our operations. This includes internet expenses, outreach costs, materials & supplies, our Compassion Fund, and more.

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Become a Regular Member

Regular membership in the Society is free and includes the SNS Newsletter, which keeps all members informed of what’s happening in our organization, as well as news of interest to Spiritual Naturalists.

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Tell Others

You can share this page using the various social media and other icons at the top of this page. You can also simply tell your friends and family about Spiritual Naturalism and our organization in person, by email, or online. Sharing our website, or linking to us in social media, etc. are all appreciated. Here are links to our pages on several social media sites, where you can follow and share us…

SNS Facebook Page | Spiritual Naturalist Friends (Facebook group) | SNS on Twitter | SNS G+ | SNS on Tumblr | SNS on Pinterest


Shop at the SNS Shops

When you purchase merchandise or books through the Society’s shops, a small portion goes to help fund our operations. Check out these links to browse.

SNS Amazon Shop | SNS Cafe Press



We are always looking for volunteers to help, and there are many options!

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Thanks so much for your support during our annual drive, no matter what ways you choose to participate!


-all of the team at Spiritual Naturalist Society