Annika Garratt

Annika describes the philosophy behind her work: “I see my paintings as religious icons, full of love, worship and respect for Nature. I use symbols and metaphors to express the human emotions toward our environment. I want to depict those experiences of peace and harmony we feel when we commune with nature. I love studying ancient mythologies to see how different cultures have expressed their feelings toward Nature as our relationship to the environment has changed over time. I want my paintings to be like dreams, real and alive as you experience them. I think of myself as a medium through which ancient mythologies may be expressed and stories may be told without words. I hope that my work is not just beautiful, but illuminating.” You can learn more about Annika in her bio on our archive contributors page.

See Annika Garratt’s artwork…

Mother Earth – A Painting by Annika Garratt from Annika Garratt on Vimeo.


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