At SNS Academy, the educational wing of the Spiritual Naturalist Society, we place a high value on knowledge, but an even higher value on practice. Our online course is designed to provide more than a passive learning experience; it integrates social interaction, meditative practices, and personal growth. The Academy also maintains and grows the Spiritual Naturalist Archives.


SNS Courses

SNS 101 – Introduction to Spiritual Naturalism
Self-paced: About 4 weeks, 3 hrs/week – $100, or $50 for Supporting Members
Presents essentials of Spiritual Naturalism, with emphasis on compassion, reason, and practice. Students engage content through discussion, meditation, and integration into daily life.

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Partner Courses

The following are select courses offered by partner-organizations of the Spiritual Naturalist Society*. Links will lead to partner sites.


Course on Stoicism – School of Essential Studies (SES)
The College of Stoic Philosophers
This is a four-month course of distance learning suitable for working adults who have come to Stoicism for the first time or who wish to deepen their knowledge of our philosophy. Applicants to the SES will be accepted regardless of their personal beliefs. Atheists, skeptics, agnostics, and members of religious faiths are all welcome.

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Humanist Meditations
Humanist Learning Systems
A series of videos that teach loving-kindness practice and related forms of meditation. These meditations have been adapted by the Humanist Mindfulness Group at Harvard by Rick Heller.

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The Humanist Approach to Happiness
Humanist Learning Systems
This is a 6 hour video course that will teach you all about how a Humanist goes about living a happy and fulfilling life.

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Introduction to Reason
Humanist Learning Systems
This free course by Steve Joyce, has two general objectives in mind.  The first is getting your own thinking in order, working toward making it clear, complete, compelling, and free of errors.  The second is analyzing the reasoning of others, examining it for bogus or inconsistent claims and incoherent structure.

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*Content and management of partner-organization courses is independently operated from the Spiritual Naturalist Society (SNS). The views or methods of these off-site courses are not necessarily those of the SNS. Links are provided here for the convenience of visitors and members, who are encouraged to use their own judgment and evaluation as to whether partner-organization courses are right for them.