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Part of the mission of the Spiritual Naturalist Society is to help bring together like-minded spiritual naturalists in fellowship. We do this nationally and internationally through our websites, publishing, social media, and several member services. But we also work to help support local groups, centers, and communities of like-minded people for face-to-face activities. Below you will find a listing of local groups that would be of interest to, and welcoming of, spiritual naturalists. Those marked with an asterisk (*) are official chapters of the Society. Non-chapters self elect to sign up here and so SNS makes no guarantees about their activities.

All of the groups, chapters and independent, listed here agree the following:

  • They are local groups that interact offline, face-to-face in their community.
  • They believe in compassion and empathy, and are accepting of all races, sexes, orientations, and disabilities.
  • They are naturalists, having no supernatural or faith-based views or programs, and follow evidence and reason.
  • They are open to contemplative practices that cultivate personal growth and the flourishing life.
  • They are welcoming of those who identify as Spiritual Naturalists or Religious Naturalists.

Any such groups can be listed here, whether you are a chapter of the Society or not, with no further obligations. If your group would like to be listed here, or you know of one that would, please contact us!



Don’t see your city listed? You can still communicate with others
in your area through SNS Local Hubs (click here to learn more).



Hartford – Love Tribe


Cambridge – Humanist Mindfulness Group at Harvard*


Portland – The Center for Philosophical Naturalism*


Houston – Spiritual Naturalists of Houston*



Australian Pantheism




Moncton – Freethought Home Group*


(* official chapters of the Society)